Courtside with Lee and Nicholson
Courtside with Lee and Nicholson (Noah Graham/Getty Images)

Lee Versus Nicholson

Courtside celebrity shots seem to be a signature of every NBA telecast.  Whenever there’s a famous person(s) witnessing NBA action in person the networks can’t seem to help themselves from telling us that they’re there, as if somehow our viewing experience will be greatly enhanced by knowing who’s in the crowd or that we even care.  This goes double for games held in Los Angeles or New York as both cities are flush with celebrity residents and sport two of the association’s glamour franchises, the Lakers and the Knicks.  Naturally, those teams sport perhaps the biggest, celebrity fans in Spike Lee and Jack Nicholson.  Both have been die-hard, visible fans of their favorite teams for many years.  You, my faithful reader, will have the privilege of deciding which of them is the cooler celebrity fan.

Tale of The Tape

Spike Lee

  • Refused to become a Nets’ fan even though they moved to his home borough of Brooklyn
  • Always visible at the games he attends despite being a miniscule 5’6″
  • Infamously feuded with Reggie Miller as the Knicks faced the Indian Pacers in the playoffs during the mid 90’s
  • Offered an absurd amount of money to attend a Knick’s playoff game in where else, Indiana
  • Produced Kobe Doin’ Work

Jack Nicholson

  • Vehemently opposes fans rooting for the opposing team at Lakers’ home games
  • Whenever the aforementioned celebrity shots occur at Lakers’ games he’s always saved for last
  • Has held court side seats since 1970 and was named #1 Lakers’ fan of all-time
  • Is the only person in the history of humanity that doesn’t look ridiculous wearing sunglasses indoors
  • He’s Jack fucking Nicholson. Nothing else need be said

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