The Circus vs. The Grammys vs. The Rodeo

Every year the Bulls, Lakers, Clippers, and Spurs embark on lengthy road because their home arenas are occupied by events.The Bulls’ Circus Trip occurs every fall when the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus takes over the United Center; Staples Center plays host to The Grammys every February, sending the Lakers and Clippers packing; and the Spurs must vacate AT&T Center when San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo comes to town.

I thought it would be fun to see which team’s trip is the hardest, so I compared the games played, days per game, number of back-to-back games, miles traveled if you were to take a road trip to each game, and average opponent’s win percentage. Let’s see what we got:

Games Days Per Game Back-to-Backs Road Trip Mileage * Opp Win % **
Bulls’ Circus Trip 5 2.20 0 6717 0.517
Lakers’ Grammy Trip 7 1.71 1 7865 0.447
Clippers’ Grammy Trip 8 1.63 2 9008 0.451
Spurs’ Rodeo Trip 9 2.11 1 8558 0.432
* Calculated using Google Maps
** As of 2/7/2012

It looks like the Clippers got the worst of it. They have the least amount of rest per game, play the most back-to-backs, travel the most miles, and have the second toughest opponents. I found some other interesting facts about the road trips:

  • The Bulls only played one team with a losing record
  • The Suns and Timberwolves each show up on three of the road trips
  • The Bulls, Clippers, and Spurs started their road trips with victories

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