When Your Team Doesn’t Matter Pt 2

The 2014-15 NBA season is just around the corner.  There are a lot of things to be excited about this season even if you’re team doesn’t matter.  For the record, if a team doesn’t have a realistic chance of advancing past the second round of the playoffs they don’t matter.  Last year, I gave a list of 5 ways you can still enjoy the season if your favorite team doesn’t matter.  Here are 4 more:

  1. Practice your announcing – There are a few teams around that employ bad announcers to call their games.  Clyde Drexler with the Houston Rockets, Sean Elliott with the San Antonio Spurs and Mike Smith with the Los Angeles Clippers are a few those bad announcers.  They all either engage in homerism to the extreme, laugh at an unfunny joke they just made or utter some statement that befuddles the mind.  Drexler manages to do all three.  I’ve learned to mute the TV whenever I’m watching a game these guys are calling.  Instead of playing music this season when the TV sound is off, I’m going to try calling the games myself.  You should too.  We can’t do worse than these guys.
  2. Keep stats – Stat keepers are probably the unsung heroes of the NBA.  Whether it’s the basic stats or the more advanced ones, someone has to keep track of them.  There’s plenty of stat keeping software available for download.  Pick one and test it out for a few games.  You’ll probably gain a much better appreciation for how hard the official stat keepers have.
  3. Tour the NBA – This is admittedly expensive and most of won’t be able to do it.  Wouldn’t it be great visit all 28 cities that have an NBA franchise and see a game in all 28 arenas? It’s a basketball junkie’s dream.
  4. Gamble, gamble – Having a rooting interest in games only adds to the fun.  When your favorite team doesn’t matter the games are somewhat less fun to watch.  Another way to have fun is to get involved in sports betting.  There are a variety of things you can bet on for a particular game – the winner, total score, over/under, etc.  Putting money on a game will definitely give you something to root for.

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