Z-Bo Over Dwight, My 2013 NBA All-Star Starters

2013 NBA All-Star Game logoThe NBA will announce the 2013 All-Star starters tomorrow, and every media outlet and blog will present their picks alongside the official fan-voted ones. Why should I be any different? So, without further ado, I present Chris Peoples’ 2013 All-Star starting lineups:

Eastern Conference

Back Court: Dwyane Wade, Rajon Rondo

The absence of Derrick Rose leaves a very auspicious and gaping void in the East back court. Wade, despite reports of his demise, is still playing at a cut above all other East guards. At the other spot, I really, really, really wanted to include Jason Kidd, but in the end it was too hard to ignore the league’s leader in assists. But believe me, I tried. Rondo’s been suspended twice this season and his immaturity may eventually prove to overshadow his actual play. Meanwhile, Kidd is having a resurgent season in New York and his steadying presence has helped the Knicks to the second best record in the East.

Snubs: Kidd, Kyrie Irving

Front Court: LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler

While the East isn’t exactly bursting with front court depth, the merits of James, Anthony, and Chandler are without question. James has transcended the game, Anthony is finally earning the spotlight thrust upon him in New York, and Chandler is working as the NBA’s center right now (the facsimile of Dwight Howard is barely playing at an average level right now, despite what the numbers might say). Enough said.

Snubs: Chris Bosh, Kevin Garnett

Western Conference

Back Court: Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant

Chris Paul is the best point guard in the NBA. He has been for several years. No, please, your argument is invalid. And Kobe Bryant, he seems to have found the fountain of youth (I hear he’s best pals with Lance Armstrong *wink*).

Snubs: Russell Westbrook, James Harden

Front Court: Kevin Durant, Tim Duncan, Zach Randolph

As always, the most difficult positions to pick are the West’s forwards/centers. Durant was the easy choice, but in filling out the front court I went with two players that may not get votes but should be recognized for their contributions. When the Spurs raced out to the league’s best record last season, it was clear Tony Parker was engineering that train. This season, Duncan has reemerged. If Kobe found the fountain of youth, Timmy has located his time machine. He looks like the Duncan of old, averaging nearly three blocks and ten rebounds per game. Finally, Z-Bo has also returned to form, posting a stout 16 and 12 while leading the Grizzlies to the West’s fourth seed.

Snubs: Blake Griffin, David Lee, Dwight Howard, Marc Gasol, Kenneth Faried, LaMarcus Aldridge

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