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Episode 135 – Grit, Grind, & Grimace

We mourned the injuries to Derrick Rose, Marc Gasol, and Andre Iguodala, compared the credentials of two celebrity fans, and gave the league an All-Star game suggestion.

Special Guest: Monique Judge

2012-13 All-Courtroom Teams

Here at The Peoples Court, we like to play with the relationship between a basketball court and a court of law. We hold basketball trials¬†and¬†close each podcast with “court is adjourned.” And now, rather than selecting typical All-NBA teams, we’ve assembled our All-Courtroom teams. Unlike an All-NBA team, or an All-Star team, we’ve made sure to combine complimentary players who excel not only as individuals, but as an actual team. Without further ado, presenting The Prosecution and The Defense. Continue reading