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TPC Trials – George Gervin v. Guiness Records

Back in January, Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson scored 37 points in the 3rd quarter of a game against the Sacramento Kings. In the process he broke the previous record of 33 points set by Hall of Famer George Gervin in 1978.  During a phone interview with Bleacher Report, Gervin stated that should the Guinness Book of World Records list Thompson as having the record it should have an “asterisk by it.”  Does Gervin have a case?

TPC Trials – All Star Snubs v. NBA Coaches

Last week the 2015 NBA All-Star reserves were announced.  As always several deserving players were left off by both the fans and NBA coaches.  Our esteemed judges and jury dive in deep to see which players the coaches were guilty of snubbing.

Episode 112 – Lakers v. Cuban

In the first ever Peoples Court Basketball Trial – Lakers v. Cuban – the Lakers, represented by Chris, accuse Mark Cuban, represented by Lamont, of insider trading and tampering, presided over by the honorable Fredara Hadley. Court is now in session!

Episode Rundown

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:20 – Lakers v. Cuban
  • 16:27 – Judge Hadley’s ruling
  • 19:00 – Tony Parker on the mend
  • 22:30 – Derek Fisher signs with Thunder
  • 26:15 – In a shocking move, Knicks acquire Kenyon Martin
  • 31:40 – Andrew Bynum’s future
  • 41:30 – Performances and Embarrassments of the Week

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