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Episode 111 – West Coast Bias

The NBA returned from the All-Star break, mourned the passing of Dr. Jerry Buss, and yawned through the trade deadline. This week we talked about why the trade deadline was so quiet and the story lines that will shape the stretch run of the 2012-13 season.

Episode Rundown

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:25 – Remembering Lakers’ owner Dr. Jerry Buss
  • 13:25 – Billy Hunter ousted as union head
  • 17:48 – If a trade deadline falls in the woods, and nobody hears it, did it actually fall?
  • 23:15 – Second half story lines
  • 50:15 – Performances and Embarrassments of the Week

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Photo courtesy of lakers.com

*Courtesy of lakers.com

Around the age of 5 or 6 I picked up a basketball for the first time during recess. I wasn’t yet big enough to get the ball to the rim. Girls were still carrying cooties back then so given the choice between playing hide and seek with them or chucking a basketball 8 feet into the air at the rim, I went with the latter. Sometime later, I’m at my father’s house for the weekend. He turns on the TV to a Lakers’ game. “Dad they play basketball on TV?” “Yes, son, they do.” “That team has a player named Magic?” “Yes, son.” “Is that really his name?” “Yes, it is.” I was hooked. Basketball became my favorite sport and the Lakers were my favorite team. Continue reading