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Why the Houston Rockets are a Contender

Dwight Howard’s exodus (or cowardly flight, depending on who you ask) to Houston has instantly made the Rockets a playoff staple for the next few years. Houston’s assembly of stars starting with James Harden and most recently D12, has turned a scrappy feel-good squad into a Western Conference title contender.

Yes, I said title contender. I believe that the Western Conference is a realistic ceiling for this team. It’s not just the arrival of Howard, as we’ll see, there are a number of other factors that give Houston an edge on their Western conference foes. Continue reading

Spend Wisely – Examining Andrew Bynum

It was the biggest trade this past summer.  A four team blockbuster deal involving the Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers, 13 players and 2 draft picks. Three of the aforementioned teams should be at least somewhat happy with the moves they made. The last team probably isn’t.  Before we get into why they aren’t let’s quickly summarize where the first three teams stand. Continue reading

Episode 114 – You Heard It Here First

It seems that every time the three of us get together, it turns into Steroid Hour with Chris, Lamont, and Adam. It’s not our intention, but every week something happens that makes it more apparent that steroids play a huge role in the NBA. We also talked about our experience going to a Laker game, George Hill’s exasperation with the lack of support from Indiana’s home crowd, Kobe Bryant’s ankle injury and a detour into steroids, former players getting booed, Miami’s impressive win streak, and Adam’s bold prediction.

Episode Rundown

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 02:15 – The Peoples Brothers go to a Laker game
  • 05:40 – George Hill upset over lack of fan support in Indiana
  • 17:55 – Kobe Bryant’s Anklegate
  • 26:23 – STEROIDS!
  • 30:40 – Should former players get booed?
  • 41:45 – Performances and Embarrassments of the Week
  • 56:30 – Miami’s won 21 straight games, and Adam makes a bold prediction for the rest of their season

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Episode 112 – Lakers v. Cuban

In the first ever Peoples Court Basketball Trial – Lakers v. Cuban – the Lakers, represented by Chris, accuse Mark Cuban, represented by Lamont, of insider trading and tampering, presided over by the honorable Fredara Hadley. Court is now in session!

Episode Rundown

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:20 – Lakers v. Cuban
  • 16:27 – Judge Hadley’s ruling
  • 19:00 – Tony Parker on the mend
  • 22:30 – Derek Fisher signs with Thunder
  • 26:15 – In a shocking move, Knicks acquire Kenyon Martin
  • 31:40 – Andrew Bynum’s future
  • 41:30 – Performances and Embarrassments of the Week

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The Best Owner In All of Sports

Photo courtesy of lakers.com

*Courtesy of lakers.com

Around the age of 5 or 6 I picked up a basketball for the first time during recess. I wasn’t yet big enough to get the ball to the rim. Girls were still carrying cooties back then so given the choice between playing hide and seek with them or chucking a basketball 8 feet into the air at the rim, I went with the latter. Sometime later, I’m at my father’s house for the weekend. He turns on the TV to a Lakers’ game. “Dad they play basketball on TV?” “Yes, son, they do.” “That team has a player named Magic?” “Yes, son.” “Is that really his name?” “Yes, it is.” I was hooked. Basketball became my favorite sport and the Lakers were my favorite team. Continue reading

The Sake of Change

Auerbach_Red-2This season, four NBA franchises have changed head coaches. These types of coaching changes occur when a team is struggling and failing to meet expectations, whether those expectations were realistic or not. Either that, or a head coach doesn’t get along with his player(s). Most of the time I’m not a fan of midseason coaching changes. To me it’s like trying to fix a brick wall with scotch tape. When a team struggles the reasons for the struggle go beyond just bad coaching. Sure, coaching could be part of it, but a sub-talented roster or bad chemistry could also be part of the reasons too. That being said, coaches are always easier to remove than players and I thought now would be a good time to examine the teams that have changed coaches both before and after the change happened.
Continue reading

The Circus vs. The Grammys vs. The Rodeo

Every year the Bulls, Lakers, Clippers, and Spurs embark on lengthy road because their home arenas are occupied by events.The Bulls’ Circus Trip occurs every fall when the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus takes over the United Center; Staples Center plays host to The Grammys every February, sending the Lakers and Clippers packing; and the Spurs must vacate AT&T Center when San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo comes to town. Continue reading

Athletic Performance


That is the title of a recent feature from ESPN’s 30 for 30 series. It’s subject: the men’s 100 M final in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Namely, a near perfect sports’ moment that was ruined by the illegal drug use of one Ben Johnson.  It’s not the first time that 30 for 30 has covered anabolic steroid use in Track and Field. They did a feature on Marion Jones and her own steroid scandal in a previous season.

Track and Field, baseball, cycling and football have all had major scandals or issues with steroids or performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). I can’t even begin to count the number of athletes who have tested positive for some PED or another. Many others who have not tested positive have probably used PEDs, but have managed to escape a positive test result. Continue reading

Episode 104 – White Out

Jordan White from Hardwood Paroxysm joined us today to give of his insight to Royce White’s situation with the Houston Rockets. We also discussed Lakers vs. Clippers and the difference between a dirty and a dangerous player.

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