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2015-16 NBA 2nd Trimester Awards

Fellow basketball snob Tim Adkins joined The Court to wax poetic about the 2014-15 NBA playoff picture.  Have the Cleveland Cavaliers finally turned the corner?  Who will win out in the 3 team race for the #8 seed in the Western Conference?  Can the Los Angeles Clippers finally breakthrough this May and make it to the Finals?  And finally, will the Chicago Bulls find some consistency down the stretch?  We do our best to answer all of those questions.  You’re welcome.

Hoops Exchange Pt 2: Magic and Twitter

For part 2 of our Hoops Exchange series, Andthefoul.com’s Jhony Gutierrez joined me for a quick Q & A.  Topics included rule changes, Magic Johnson’s tanking comments and our early season MVP.

Lamont Peoples:
Here’s my first question – which of these commercials do you think is funnier?

Both of them are great, especially if you know the NBA and the reputations, real or perceived, of the players involved. They won’t get me into a Foot Locker anytime soon, but I laugh every time I’ve seen them and can’t decide which is funnier. I am leaning towards the Harden one.

Jhony Guiterrez
I thought Foot Locker did a great job tapping into humor stemming from well-known NBA storylines, and as a result, it reached its target audience: hoop heads on social media.

NBA athletes are continually benefitting from the exposure that social media allows for. No longer do they have to be a star in a major market, they can now pull off sponsorship deals that resonate from anywhere in the states (not that Houston and S.A. are small markets per se), which creates great opportunities for video content like Foot Locker created. Continue reading

Episode 113 – The Bill Cartwright Classic

You know it’s a good show when not even a cat can derail the proceedings. Adam recounted his experience at the Wizards game from eight rows up; our Performances and Embarrassments of the Week took a fun tangent to Kobe, steroids, the NBA’s planned HGH testing; we pondered how Tyrus Thomas got paid; and we came up with a fantastic replacement for the dunk contest.

Episode Rundown

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 02:58 – Adam from eight rows up
  • 12:35 – Performances of the Week
  • 18:10 – Kobe had such an exceptional week that we explore where he got the “juice” to do it
  • 22:25 – The NBA plans to move forward with HGH testing next season
  • 35:10 – Embarrassments of the Week
  • 43:05 – Dunk contest improvement suggestions
  • 47:00 – Tyrus Thomas, #HowDidHeGetPaid
  • 51:10 – JaVale McGee vs. DeAndre Jordan in the Bill Cartwright Classic (another potential dunk contest replacement)

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