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The Peoples Court – Episode 150 – Western Conference Musical Chairs

Our three hosts have different opinions on who will miss the Western Conference playoffs, Mark Cuban came out in support of our thoughts about D-League relevancy, and Adam Silver admitted something about the league that forces us to view the NBA and it’s franchises through a different lens.

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The Miami Heat Absolutely Suck at Tanking

miamiHeatBlowItUpIt’s painfully obvious to anyone with two eyes and a league pass subscription that the Miami Heat suck at tanking. Their big three are deeply committed to winning, fighting through injury and overcoming ennui to grit out one of the best records in the league after having won the last two NBA titles. Despite signing head cases and draft busts, and filling up his cap space with onerous contracts Pat Riley can’t seem to stop his team from winning. If Riley was half the GM that David Kahn was he’d have crippled his team with aging vets, disinterested journeyman and mediocre draft picks, and begun Riggin’ for Wiggins, but it appears that Riley just doesn’t have the competitive spirit necessary to truly bottom out a professional sports team in the name of improvement. Continue reading

Kyrie Irving Went Top Gun on the Knicks

Top Gun is one of my favorite movies, and I never miss an opportunity to drop a reference to Maverick, Goose, or the rest of the pilots at Fighter Weapons School. Kyrie Irving provided me two such moments last night.

“Where did he go?” “Where’d who go?”

The Top Gun pilots are comparing their first aerial forays with flight instructor Jester when this exchange takes place:

Hollywood: Hell no, man. We got our butts kicked.
Wolfman: Thirty seconds. We went like this, he went like that. I said to Hollywood, “Where’d he go?” Hollywood says, “Where’d who go?”
Hollywood: Yeah, and he’s laughing at us, right on the radio, he’s laughing at us.

After this move from Kyrie Irving, we’re all laughing at Pablo Prigioni.

“I’m gonna hit the brakes, he’ll fly right by!”

In the aforementioned instructional dogfight, Maverick and Goose are being tailed by Jester and can’t shake him, when Maverick has a brilliant idea: “I’m gonna hit the brakes, he’ll fly right by.” He executes the maneuver and finds himself in the perfect position to take a shot. Kind of like what Irving did to Prigioni here:

Is it just me, or has Prigioni lost that love and feeling for Kyrie?

And for some more great scenes from Top Gun, check out this video:

Courtside with Lee and Nicholson

Lee Versus Nicholson

Courtside celebrity shots seem to be a signature of every NBA telecast.  Whenever there’s a famous person(s) witnessing NBA action in person the networks can’t seem to help themselves from telling us that they’re there, as if somehow our viewing experience will be greatly enhanced by knowing who’s in the crowd or that we even care.  This goes double for games held in Los Angeles or New York as both cities are flush with celebrity residents and sport two of the association’s glamour franchises, the Lakers and the Knicks.  Naturally, those teams sport perhaps the biggest, celebrity fans in Spike Lee and Jack Nicholson.  Both have been die-hard, visible fans of their favorite teams for many years.  You, my faithful reader, will have the privilege of deciding which of them is the cooler celebrity fan. Continue reading

What To Do When Your Team Doesn’t Matter

At the start of every NBA season there’s a line that divides all 30 teams and the division only becomes bigger as the season progresses. No, I don’t mean the lines that divide conferences, divisions or even playoff teams.  The line I’m referring to is the line that separates title contenders and everyone else. It is, after all, what ultimately counts. I like to call that line Teams That Matter.  For the record, a team that matters is one that is capable of going on a deep playoff run and a deep playoff run is making it to either Conference Finals. In our 2014 season preview, I predicted that there were maybe 8 teams that matter. That leaves 22 teams that don’t matter.  As a fan of a team that doesn’t count this season (LA Lakers), I’ve come up with a list of ways to enjoy the NBA when your favorite team doesn’t matter. Continue reading

Episode 106 – The King Stays The King

With the big sports stories this week coming from outside the NBA, Lebron James broke a record and his Heat team decided it was time to remind people they’re still the champs. We powered through some technical difficulties that are both annoying and funny.

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Episode 102 – Knick the Halls

Our holiday-themed show brought forth discussions on the New York Knicks, Amare Stoudemire, power forwards on the trading block, and an NBA Secret Santa gift exchange.

Episode 100 – Back in Session!

The Peoples Court returns with Chris, Lamont, and Adam. In this episode we discussed the San Antonio Spurs getting fined $250,000 by the league, Dwight Howard and free throws, and our Performances and Embarrassments of the Week.