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My Favorite Things (2015 Playoff Remix)

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles…”

Wait, stop. This is the 2015 NBA Playoff Remix

Ujiri curses and first team All-Defense
Head coaches fired while Rondo is sitting
Rivers gets flowing only in Spring
These are a few of the playoff things
Paul Pierce has daggers is Tim Duncan leaving
Al Horford finishes the Warriors are splashing
Game winning bank shots Lebron is still King
These are a few of the playoff things
When the fouls come, when the game stops
And DeAndre’s hacked
I simply remember the playoff things
And then I don’t feel so bad

2014-15 NBA First Trimester Awards

The first third of the NBA season has been filled with tons of excitement. Join our trio of hosts as they discuss the recent firing of Sacramento Kings head coach Mike Malone, Rajon Rondo has a new home in Dallas, we give out grades to new faces in new places and hand out some early awards.

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Episode 108 – C’mon Caron

It’s nice when the entire band plays together. You just get a fuller, more complete sound. In Episode 108 we discussed the league’s responsibility to admit blown calls, Kobe’s transition to point guard, Lamont and Adam’s side bet, how Rajon Rondo’s injury impacts their immediate and long term future, and Rudy Gay’s trade to Toronto.

Episode Rundown

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 02:55 – Performances and Embarrassments of the Week
  • 12:05 – Kobe’s role reversal
  • 21:10 – Lamont and Adam book a bet
  • 28:10 – What should Boston do now that Rondo is out for the season?
  • 40:50 – Memphis moves Rudy Gay in three-team, six-player trade

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